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Any Tips to Make Excellent Defense in NBA 2K16?

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Im a newbie for 2k series, I have played this game for only several weeks, anyone can give some NBA 2K16 defensive tips to me?
asked Jul 26, 2016 in NBA 2K16 by Gile

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1. Play mainly on ball in the half court unless your opponent is turboing then bring some manual help or find a guard to help off of.
2. Do not play 100% on ball or you will get burnt on occasion due to slight delay when switching defenders and leaving them out of position.
3. Never leave your feet unless you were burnt and you are attempting a block from behind.
4. Absorb contact in the paint and then feel free to jump at the same time if it a weak layup attempt, but try to stay on your feet most of time.
5. There will be times where your opponent gets bailed out, but playing on conservative aggression should negate this somewhat.
6. Never...ever try to block perimeter shots.
7. Close out with RS ALWAYS, regardless if you were playing off ball. Users get a slight bonus when they manually contest.

Hope those tips can give you some help
answered Jul 26, 2016 by Robins

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