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2k17 My League Online Offseason??

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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows about the possibility of an actual offseason in the MyLeague Online mode in 2K17. For some reason, 2K16 did away with all the entire offseason in the online franchise. There was no draft, no contracts, no free agents, no player progression, nothing! All that would happen is, it would ask you at the end of the season, if you and your friends want to restart the whole league. Well, Me and my fellow buddies stationed overseas, used to enjoy competing in the franchise but also loved to try and build our teams for the future through draft and free agency, etc. I felt robbed in 2k16 when I started the MY LEAGUE ONLINE only to find out it was actually just a single season. I hope someone can tell me that they've heard of a change because its been my favorite mode and im thinking of switching over to Live.
asked Aug 3, 2016 in NBA 2K17 by BBJuvenil305

1 Answer

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Na man one season only with no draft picks and no offseason. It lets you run it back after the playoffs but all stats, records, and accomplishments go out the window.
answered Aug 6, 2016 by anonymous

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